Currawong Lakes
Sporting Clays

Endorsed by Beretta, Currawong Lakes features a unique array of world-class clay target ranges.

Fully automated traps present challenging targets with variable speeds and angles of flight to suit all shooters. The ranges are open to both licensed and unlicensed shooters, including novices aged 18 years and over.

Safety Instruction is provided by a designated range officer. Eye and Ear safety wear is provided.

Sporting Clay Range

Sixteen individual traps scattered up the range provide an almost limitless variety of targets. Ground running rabbits, duck flight simulators, skeets and outgoing traps complete a memorable, challenging and above all, fun experience.

Vicious Hunting Dog

The Grouse Butt is built from local stone in the Cornish hedging style. Our Grouse Butt gives our guests the opportunity to sample simulated Grouse shooting with a range of fast incoming targets that simulate Grouse or incoming Partridge.

The targets can either be shot alone, with a loader, or as part of a team of two guns, which can help the timing and teamwork of a party of guns, so necessary for guns who will be shooting in line. Communication, teamwork within the line, calling birds, safety and good sportsmanship can all be developed and honed by a session in the butt.

Quail Stand

Based on the American layout called "'Wobble", our Quail layout is a five stand simulated Quail shoot showing fast outgoing targets thrown from three oscillating traps that can be shot as singles, doubles, or coveys. Coveys are three simultaneous targets shot by pairs of shooters, the challenge being to bag all three. Communication and teamwork are essential, even with four shots.

This stand is something different for the experienced shot looking for a new challenge, great for the game shooter looking to practice or corporate clients looking to build teamwork in a fun and challenging way.


We offer the use of Beretta over-and-under shotguns – both 12 and 20 gauge at no extra cost. Ammunition is available for purchase.