The Lakes

Currawong Lakes is firmly established as one of the best Fly Fishing destinations in Tasmania.

Our private wild trout fishery offers the fly fishing enthusiast the opportunity to fish for trophy sized Rainbow and Brown trout either alone, with friends or with one of our experienced guides on any one of our three lakes. We limit the number of guests at any given time to ensure your privacy and freedom to explore.

Currawong Lake

Our namesake is also our largest lake. Long and relatively narrow, one shore is open tussocky paddock while the other is protected by native forest creating two perfect habitats depending on conditions. From October the brown trout are tailing the edges and shallows providing classic Tassie sight fishing. A well placed nymph will see the fish charge the fly from a meter away. The Red Spinner hatch fishes well here as do the damsel flies from January onward. A day on our drift boat will put you within reach of some true trophy fish up to 5 kilos (11 pounds).

Long Marsh Lake

32 acres, full of fish. Long Marsh can probably boast the highest population of good sized fish at Currawong. Wild and full of fight, these fish are from a self-sustaining population that spawn each autumn in the feeder creek. Shelters bays and deep sections round out the perfect fishing habitat. The shoreline weed growth is prolific and hosts millions of midges, mayflies, caddis and damsels.

Lake Macquarie

The smallest and newest of the lakes (circa 2006), Macquarie has established itself as the picturesque beauty spot of Currawong. Intimate and delicate, this lake will delight the dry fly purist. Macquarie is well protected from wind and offers glass-out conditions and superb polaroiding at the margins. Large fish patrolling the deeper sections are clearly visible and well within casting range.