Currawong Lakes

Currawong Lakes is managed to provide our clients with a premium dry fly fishing experience.

The property boasts exceptional hatches of aquatic and terrestrial insect life. The stunning wild Brown and Rainbow Trout spawn in the property’s creeks and are self-sustaining.

Dry fly fishing is available on most days at some location on one of our three lakes, whatever the wind direction or weather conditions.

Of particular note are the hatches of Red Spinners which start regularly in late October and continue on until the end of the Tasmanian trout season in late March.

It’s the quintessential Tassie trout experience

Warren Steptoe, Modern Fishing

Bang, second cast the water erupted with the strike of a thumping fish I reckon of 6 - 7 pounds! …it is hard for me to remember such a wonderful hatch of red spinners that lasted several hours

Quenton Higgs, Tightlines

In high summer the blue damsel flies provoke heart-pumping scenes of leaping fish all over the lakes.

Our Trout population is carefully managed to provide a healthy head of fish in a range of weight classes from an average of two and a half to three pounds right up to trophy class specimens.

The fish are exactly what you would expect to find in the wild; fat, feisty and full of fight!

Neil Grose, Tasmania Sports Fishing Magazine

Our in-house fly fishing guide offers advice on daily fish and insect activity, appropriate patterns for use and tuition for those who require a little assistance. For the fully guided trout fishing experience we highly recommend Scott Murphy from Tasmania Fly Fishing

Currawong Lakes are close to perfect trout water

Trevor Hawkins, Flyfisher Magazine

We are a fly fishing only destination. Currawong Lakes is a registered private fishery, so no fishing license is required.